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Casper came to the rescue on 1-16-21, A cat had gotten ahold of her. Her eyes weren't open yet & was about 2.5 inches long, not counting her tail. She is now a BIG girl, but still sweet as can be. She came from a colony of white squirrels here in Christmas.

Northern Red Squirrels 3

Northern Red Squirrels Traveled from Illinois, found in a saddlebag on a motorcycle and brought to the rescue. update coming soon!

Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl found a permanent home at the rescue in 2008. She was raised by a family in New Jersey who relocated to Florida and could no longer care for her. During her time at the rescue she only had eyes for Shirley and they formed a bond no one else could touch. She passed away in February 2019 and will forever be in our hearts.


Sneakers found her way to the rescue after living in an abusive situation. Nothing makes her happier than scent rolling in a "new to her" blanket.


Rocko is a male wallaroo who came from a breeder that already had too many males. He has free range of the rescue to explore, but always has time to get his ears lovingly mushed by Shirley.


Ringo is a male wallaroo. He was taken from his mother's pouch too soon before finding his way to the rescue, where he was nursed back to health. He found comfort in a t-shirt as it was secure like a pouch. Even today he still bends down to have a t-shirt slipped back on to relive that security. RIP Sweet "Ringo" You brought joy, happiness and laughter to all that have met you over the past 17 yrs. "You will be missed by everyone".


Sprocket is a male Bennett Wallaby, who was left at the rescue's gate as an infant. He is first to greet Shirley in the morning in hopes of a scratching and handful of almonds. When he isn't lounging in his house he enjoys visiting the tortoise enclosure in the far pasture.


Wrigley is a Malaysian Squirrel that was rescued from the exotic pet industry. Chirping back and forth with Shirley and eating avocados are a few of his favorite activities.


Katie is an African Grey Parrot who was grieving over the death of her mate and had plucked out her feathers before coming to the rescue. She's quite the mimic with Shirley's voice saying "Squirrel!" being among her favorites.


Maxwell is a young Muntjac deer that was surrendered to the rescue. Shirley always knows where he's been at the rescue by the missing flowers on her plants. She credits it to him being a deer and this lucky boy still has free range of the property.


Binky is a female Malaysian Prevost's squirrel. She was brought to the rescue after her mother rejected her and killed her brother. If there is a sunbeam in her enclosure, she can be found napping in it.

Poo Bear

Pooh-Bear is a kinkajou. A veterinarian contacted the rescue after he was brought to him to be euthanized for not being a suitable pet. Being nocturnal he sleeps during the day in his cozy barrel with his blanket, but is busy exploring his enclosure at night.