Binky is a female Malaysian Prevost's squirrel. Her mother rejected her, and killed her brother. Binky came to Fallin' Pines at only a few days old and was hand raised.

Moe is a very friendly Yellow-foot tortoise. He is now a permanent resident because his owners moved out of state and could not take him.

Ringo is a male wallaroo. He was taken from his mother's pouch too soon. He had to be nursed back to health at the rescue.

Squiggles is a patagonian cavy. She came in with her family members from South Florida from an abuse case. She loves dust baths and playing with the resident dog, Mattie.

Rocko is a male wallaroo, a smaller version of a kangaroo. He came from a breeder who already had too many males. Rocko spends his days roaming the compound with Ringo, Sprocket and Mattie. He can often be seen solicitng almonds and other treats.

Katie is an African Grey Parrot who was grieving over the death of her mate and had plucked out her feathers. She is now happy with the other parrots at the rescue and is doing much better.

Maxwell  was surrendered as a baby. Muntjacs are very small deer native to South Asia, but are bred and sold as pets.

Here are some of our permanent residents and a little bit about them.

This is Pooh-Bear the kinkajou. Kinkajous are sometimes called the "honey bear".