Sprocket is a male Bennett Wallaby, a smaller version of a kangaroo. He was surrendered to us as a baby. Sprocket spent his days roaming the compound with Ringo, Rocko and Mattie. Every morning, he was waiting for his treat, and followed Shirley on the "feeding rounds".  You knew he wanted to play when he started to grunt. He was very playful and nosy. He passed in September of 2019. We are missing him. RIP

This is Jersey Girl, a Northern Gray Squirrel. She was raised as a pet in New Jersey before her family relocated to Florida. She was imprinted on humans and could not be released into the wild. Eleven years ago Jersey Girl found her permanent home at the rescue. Since then, she has only had eyes for Shirley, even grooming her lately. Jersey Girl's enclosure could only be cleaned by Shirley because anyone else would be barked at before they could even open the door.  Her "Buddha belly"  was very ticklish. With Shirley, she was playful, and friendly. She passed in February of 2019. She will be dearly missed. RIP

The Happenings:

7/30/19: We have several rabbits and roosters for adoption as pets, not for for food. A sable ferret just came in.

8/5/19: Many roosters, muscovy ducks, rabbits & guinea pigs for adoptions as pets, not for food. Please call if interested and spread the word. 407-568-7988. We also have a goat that needs a home.

8/22/19: It is finally starting to dry up, we have been flooded with all this rain. All the male rabbits have been adopted!

8/26/19: Shout out to Dr. Jon Zern and Chuluota Veterinary Hospital for offering to neuter our handicapped , permanent gray squirrels! Thank you.